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Upfit is the home of Christine Carson’s applied creative writing practice (that’s me).

I am interested in ideas and messages and how they are manifested
in visual culture.

With mobile, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and the potential to
flash-forge a connection with the world, how words and images
characterize, or frame, a communications’ problem is my passion,
my work, and the reason for my company, upfit. 


"I believe communications that convey a human response persuade and prompt action."

Christine Carson
BFA MFA BEd OCT (Secondary: English) tech. editing

Principal writer and founder






My cred as a writer, apart from being a bookworm and later becoming a high school English teacher (teenagers and Shakespeare…), evolved from writing arts grants and proposals.

I am (mostly) unrepentant for squandering my young years trying to be an artist. As, while squandering, I honed my writing chops competing with the tatted hordes for grant money. I was awarded funding, consistently, and from international sources like the Franklin Furnace, an arts organization in New York. The unpaved road to writing career success included detours through Levis Strauss & Co. Canada’s creative department, academic degrees, and teacher’s college.

A breakdown writing music grants on spec for unknown artists and stints writing TV series’ pitches, scripts, and marketing copy led to Upfit. But forestalling another route, “the one less traveled by, that has made all the difference.”

Upfit is the vehicle through which I share my years of practicing the art of persuasive writing in a variety of forms.

A well-crafted message is memorable for its meaning yet confounds in its simplicity of expression. Through every project, with the client’s goals in mind, I strive to craft, in simple engaging terms, a human response.



We dig deep for the ideas and an angle that will appeal to your reader. We use tone, voice, expressive language, surprise, empathy and sometimes humor to:
Articulate for the reader what he or she needs to know to act.
Characterize the problem (show not tell).
Offer solutions — incorporate an incentive: either a wider benefit (or, as in the case of a product or service, a simple discount.)
Engage the reader in dialogue.

Above all, we work to convey the presence of a real human or sense of humanity behind the public face.

Environment, sustainability, life style, small business development, human resources, film and television, arts sector, landscape design, architecture, design, travel marketing, art exhibition, music and performance arts, non-profit.

Communications: copywriting, social media, blogging, naming, content, articles,
Film and television: story editing, proposal, grant, pitch, scriptwriting, series development
Arts writing: grant writing, proposals, pitch, development
Business and official letters: RFP proposals, business plans, PowerPoint presentations, dispute letters
Humanities academic writing specialist: tutor: advanced degrees, academic applications.


We don’t pull your project’s details from thin air. We work collaboratively with you through rough drafts, revisions and rewrites to FINAL. This process ensures your information is correct and framed perfectly to achieve your business’s or project’s goals.

We are students and advocates of good writing.

Everyone knows there are an infinite number of ways words can be assembled to create meaning. But, we also know that some ways are more clear and more readable than others.

The product we stand behind is for readers of the English language, so we prefer to abide by the rules of grammar. However, we’re not opposed to breaking a rule or two for style.

Writing is personal. It’s not easy to see your words with a strikethrough. When we restructure your sentences or edit out adverbs, it’s because we’re tasked with providing you with the best, most up-to-date application of written persuasion available.

We don’t take it personally either. If you want further revisions, or edits, or want to stay with the first version of your text, no problem. This is your investment, your material.


“Je n’ai fait celle-ci plus longue que parce que je n’ai pas eu le loisir de la faire plus courte.”

“I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.”

Blaise Pascal “Lettres Provinciales” 1657

For a project quote, call or email us at ccarson@upfit.ca

Include in your email message, your name, email addresses, cell, and deadline. Describe your project.

We do not post an hourly rate for project quotes as writing a few words can require more research and time than writing a tome.

A project quote reflects the scope of work and the amount of research required for accurate and meaningful assistance. A quote also reflects the expected level of writing, editing: proofreading, copyediting, substantive editing. Daily rates can be negotiated for volume projects.

Call us, we’re writers. We love talking.




“I like your clear, accurate words - so refreshing! And I like your thoughts on the exhibition. You do excellent work!”

Janice Dawe
Partner Bizable Media
(Former Head of Production/Business Manager

White Pine Pictures)



“Christine’s ability to grasp key concepts is impressive. She brings smart strategy and creativity to every project. I would highly recommend her to any company in need of quality business communications.”

Nilufer Mama
CEO & Founder
Millenium Travel Marketing Inc.


"Christine has a curious mind and is a creative, imaginative thinker and writer. Her collaborative spirit, her attention to detail, and her strong research skills make her an asset for any writing team."

Christopher Harris
CEO & Creative Director
Super Sonics Productions Inc.


“You do a great job at figuring out what I want.” 

Scott Williams
Director of Animation
Adventures in Booga Booga Land


“I’ve worked with Christine on many projects. She is articulate and her crisp writing style never fails to awe. With few words, Christine conveys thoughts, and arguments clearly and effectively. She connects with what matters. I would highly recommend her writing services to anyone looking for a true partner and then some!”

Kim Price
Landscape Designer & Founder
Kim Price Landscape Design Inc.


“Christine is a good listener, very approachable, thoughtful and easy to work with. Where words and language are concerned, she is exceptionally detail-oriented. She is articulate and eloquent and able to accommodate a broad range of clients.”

J Brown
Vice President
Toogood Financial Systems




Makes deadlines
Gets business goals
No handholding required
Strategic thinking
Informed opinions
Creative and detail-oriented
Plays well with others
Short emails
Not crazy



A Toronto-based applied creative writing company producing communications for businesses, non-profits, the arts, and the film and television sector.

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